GIB AM Equity Index Strategies

Exposure to global equities remains a vital source of real, long-term returns in a diversified portfolio. Accessing these returns in a consistent manner can be costly, which can detract from performance. We believe a robust indexation process, reinforced by expert oversight and tailored to investors’ individual objectives, is the most cost-efficient approach to capture global economic and equity market growth through revolving economic cycles.



Bespoke portfolios for each client’s return objectives, risk parameters and ethical considerations


Robust indexation process that is continually refined to ensure its efficacy


Low tracking error through ongoing index monitoring and deep market insight


Cost-effective approach to achieving global equity exposure through index replication


Highly attentive client service for long-term relationships


We create bespoke equity investment strategies through indexation built around each of our client’s unique objectives and risk parameters. Clients’ portfolios have the flexibility to accommodate any restrictions and ethical considerations, alongside fully-optimised diversification.

We believe our deep expertise and knowledge of global markets are significant factors in the success of our equity index strategies. Clients can also call on our expert insights to help shape their long-term investment perspective.

Investors can benefit from our ongoing scrutiny of their portfolio using resilient trading and risk management systems. This – combined with our many years of experience – has given our long-term clients confidence in the index portfolios we manage on their behalf.

We believe our forward-looking view and our ability to accommodate shifting markets in our indexation process are key factors in our ability to maintain a low tracking error

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