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Who we are

Established in 1975, we are an asset manager with a deep heritage and a vision for the future. We are focused on mobilising and scaling capital in support of a more sustainable world for our clients and for the world.

Operating in London and New York, we aim to provide an international perspective, attuned to cultural sensitivities and sustainability. With an expanding global audience of institutional and professional investors and a carefully curated investment offering, we ensure that we stay flexible and focused on serving our clients’ investment purpose.

As society, governments and investors demand more responsible action, we understand that it can create challenges for organisations to reshape and transform their business to deliver the positive and actionable sustainable results they need. We provide insight and advice on ESG and sustainability to our clients to help them overcome these challenges and drive a positive impact on the world.


Over $11 billion managed*

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Over 80 staff*

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Offices in London & New York

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40 years of managing clients’ assets

*As at 31.12.2021

Conscious of the mark we leave

Katherine Garrett-Cox, CEO, introduces our purposeful approach to investing for our clients' needs

GIB Asset Management: the actions that shape our imprint

Our imprint

Our approach is underpinned by three core beliefs


We believe sustainability is the future. We have embedded socially responsible investment considerations into our investment decision-making process since inception.


First we understand the investor, then we consider the investment. We work in partnership with our clients to co-create portfolios tailored to their return objectives, risk parameters and ethical considerations.


Our success is only achieved through meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients - central to this is forging deep and long-lasting relationships, both with our clients and through our engagements with our networks and investments.

We are conscious of the mark we leave. That is why investors across the world choose to shape the global future with us

Our People



Collective impact requires commitment, collaboration and action towards clearly defined goals. That is why we have chosen to partner with a number of leading initiatives and organisations focused on solving major sustainability challenges, both in the investment management industry and beyond.

We take care of your assets and their imprint on the world