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Three attributes shape our imprint, our portfolios and our relationships with our clients


We take a purposeful investment approach, and have done for decades. With us, you can be confident your assets’ influence on the world expresses your deeply-held beliefs about what it means to be a good steward of people and the environment.


We embrace the fine detail. We analyse millions of data points to leave no stone unturned in the creation and running of our investment portfolios and report their impact with integrity and clarity.


Investing for the long term is at the heart of sustainable development and so at the core of our business. We are not bound by quarterly reporting cycles nor distracted by today’s fashions. We can concentrate on the most transformational trends and on building lasting relationships – the hallmark of our client approach.

We are conscious of the mark we leave. That is why investors across the world choose to shape the global future with us

Conscious of the mark we leave

Katherine Garrett-Cox, CEO, introduces our purposeful approach to investing for our clients' needs

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Who we are

Our roots have instilled in us the profound importance of long-lasting relationships. Since our establishment in 1975, we have focused on forging a deep bond with each of our clients. Our constant aim is to understand your needs and successfully preserve and grow your investments. Some of our current clients have partnered with us for over thirty years.

Now operating in London and New York, we aim to provide you with an international perspective, attuned to cultural sensitivities. With an expanding global audience of institutional and professional investors and a carefully curated investment offering, we ensure that we stay flexible and focused on serving you and your investment purpose.

We invest your assets with a proud culture of sustainability – within our business, your portfolio and beyond. Investing with us, you can be confident that we will focus on safeguarding the value of your investments and assessing their imprint on your world.

We take care of your assets and their imprint on the world


Over $11 billion managed*

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Over 80 staff*

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Offices in London & New York

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40 years of managing clients’ assets

*As at 31.03.2021

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