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GIB Asset Management is a sustainability-led boutique asset manager.

We seek to generate superior investment performance through deep integration of sustainability into investment decision-making and hence scale capital in support of sustainable development. Operating in London and New York, we provide a focused set of differentiated, forward-thinking investment solutions for institutional investors.

As society, governments and investors demand more responsible action, we understand that it can create challenges for organisations to reshape and transform. We engage with portfolio companies, and our clients, to turn these challenges into opportunities.


Over $8 billion managed*

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Over 90 staff*

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Offices in London & New York

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45 years of managing clients’ assets

*As at 31.12.2022

Our approach to Sustainable Investing

Performance through purpose. Purpose through performance.

We believe that companies whose purpose aligns with sustainable development will out-perform financially. Moreover, in order for companies to fulfil their purpose, they need to be able to deliver performance in line with stakeholder expectations.

Driving real-world Impact

We believe the value of an investment depends not only on its financial return but also on the world's state in the future. While retaining flexibility, we look for enduring, long-term impact, are patient and keep a steady course. We work with our clients to understand their requirements and customise solutions to create their desired impact.

Meaningful ESG investment analysis & engagement

We have a unique thematic approach to investing. Our data-driven approach, expert judgement and deep experience contributes to alpha generation. Our bottom-up analysis assesses how sustainability factors are a key performance driver for investee companies. We engage proactively with investee firms, with humility and respect, to help guide them towards higher incremental returns, an improved ESG profile, or better resilience.

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Collective impact requires commitment, collaboration and action towards clearly defined goals. That is why we have chosen to partner with a number of leading initiatives and organisations focused on solving major sustainability challenges, both in the investment management industry and beyond.