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GIB AM Emerging Markets Active Engagement

The GIB AM Emerging Markets Active Engagement Strategy is a core, scalable and differentiated investment strategy aiming to maximise risk-adjusted returns through its proprietary approach to truly active emerging markets investing.

Our investment philosophy is shaped by the belief that active management must fully integrate engagement across the portfolio to unlock and drive greater recognition of fundamental value.

This is of particular importance in Emerging Markets.



Differentiated two-pillar investment process


Active Engagement to unlock value across the portfolio


Long term ownership mindset


A high conviction, high active share concentrated strategy with ~30 positions


The strategy is underpinned by a proprietary two-pillar process that both identifies undervalued businesses through its fundamentally driven bottom-up approach, and partners with all portfolio companies to generate additional alpha from material ESG and operational improvements.

The strategy is managed by an established team with more than 60 years of combined Emerging Markets investing experience. An integrated risk management approach is employed with deliberate factor exposures to reduce portfolio volatility and drive investment returns through stock selection.

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GIB AM Emerging Markets Active Engagement Fund

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I Stock 481873894 2

It is the power of ideas, rather than the muscle of voting power, that matters most

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