Collective impact requires commitment, collaboration and action towards clearly defined goals. That is why we have chosen to partner with a number of leading initiatives and organisations focused on solving major sustainability challenges, both in the investment management industry and beyond.

GIB Asset Management is a proud member/signatory/partner of:


Charity of the year

Sustainability is embedded in everything that we do at GIB AM. Therefore, when we chose our charity of the year, we ensured that the charity seeks to tackle at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). In 2021, we started to support WellFound, a charity that works with some of the world’s poorest communities to support them with clean water and sanitation, making their work closely linked with SDG 6: clean water and sanitation. Over the year, our charitable contributions to WellFound have enabled them to support the remote village of Chockolor in Sierra Leone by improving their access to clean water and safe sanitation. As a result, WellFound made considerable progress in Chockolor despite the effects of COVID-19.