We believe that strong corporate governance practices help build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability that is essential for fostering long-term investment, financial stability and business integrity. This supports an ethical culture, stronger growth and performance, builds corporate legitimacy, and engenders more inclusive societies.

GIB AM's governance structure

The Board is ultimately responsible for leading and controlling the organisation and setting its strategy and its culture. It is also responsible for ensuring that an adequate, effective, comprehensive and transparent corporate governance framework is in place. In accordance with the Articles of Association, the Board has delegated the authority for all day-to-day management and control to the Chief Executive Officer. The Board has established two oversight committees chaired by Non-Executive Directors to support it.

Policies and statements

GIB AM has in place a comprehensive set of policies, as part of its governance framework, and we have published a number of governance-related statements.

GIB Asset Management: Responsible Investment Policy

GIB Asset Management: Environmental and Social Policy

GIB UK: Board Diversity Statement 2023

GIB UK: Pension Fund Statement of Investment Principles

GIB UK: Pension Scheme Annual Engagement Policy Implementation Statement

GIB UK: Outsourcing and Third-Party Supplier Code of Conduct 2023

GIB Asset Management: Statement on the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

GIB Asset Management: Cross-Border Fund Distribution

GIB UK: Tax Strategy

GIB UK: Basel II Pillar 3 Disclosures

GIB UK: Risk Disclosure 2022

GIB: Greenhouse Gases Emissions Assessments Framework

GIB AM Aggregation and Allocation Guideline 2023

GIB AM Carbon Emissions Calculation Methodology 2023

GIB AM Climate Transition Plan 2023

GIB AM Best Execution Policy 2023

GIB AM Complaint Handling Procedure 2023

Transparency and disclosure

GIB AM’s policy is to ensure its disclosures are transparent, comprehensive, relevant and timely, reliable, comparable, fair and reflect the character of the organisation and the nature, complexity and risks inherent in its business activities. Through making its disclosures, GIB AM aims to enhance communication with internal and external stakeholders.

GIB 2022 Sustainability Report

GIB UK: Climate-related financial disclosures 2022

GIB UK: PRB Self Assessment Report

GIB UK: Financial Report 2022

GIB UK: PRI Assessment Report 2021

GIB AM Proxy Voting

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