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GIB AM Sustainable World Corporate Bond Strategy


We believe that the greatest opportunities lie in solving the greatest challenges facing both People and the Planet. Our investment process identifies those companies whose products and services aim to provide lasting solutions to those challenges. Our view is that investment in the most resilient and sustainable businesses is essential for delivering compelling returns and supporting a move to a sustainable world.



Global Corporate Bonds: Minimum 70% investment in Investment Grade securities


100% Sustainability Theme-aligned


c. 80-100 companies


No active FX risk - USD Hedged


Custom Benchmark: 60% Global Investment Grade Corporate Bonds + 20% Global High Yield Corporate Bonds + 20% Emerging Markets Corporate Bonds


We identify and invest in companies that we believe will have a positive impact on our sustainability themes, and, in so doing, deliver compelling returns.

Our investment process includes: identifying the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges; selecting companies with products or solutions that we believe solve these challenges; and analysing credit resilience, including assessing the impact of strategic investment decisions. This allows us to build a diversified portfolio that aims to deliver returns above the benchmark across the cycle.

Solving today's challenges, financing the businesses of tomorrow

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