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GIB AM Sustainable World Fund









The GIB Sustainable World Fund is a global sustainable long-term equity growth Fund. The Fund aims to outperform the MSCI World Index by 2% per annum over the long-term 5 years rolling gross of fees, by investing in companies whose products and services provide lasting sustainable solutions to the world’s largest social and environmental challenges.

Fund Data

  • Size of Fund (as at 31.07.2022)
    42 million USD
  • Base Currency
    US dollar
  • Fund Launch Date
  • Share Class Launch
  • Asset Class
  • Benchmark Index
    MSCI World (comparative only)
  • SFDR Classification
    Article 9
  • Domicile
  • Regulatory Structure
  • Management Company
    AMUNDI Ireland Limited
  • Ongoing Charges Figure
  • Initial Charge
  • Dealing Settlement Trade Date
    +3 days
  • Dealing Frequency
  • Dealing Deadline
    11 am GMT on T
  • Minimum Initial Investment
    500,000 USD
  • Risks

    The risk level of mainly reflects the market risk arising from investments in international equity markets, including emerging markets equities.

    • Historical data may not be a reliable indication for the future. Risk category shown is not guaranteed and may shift over time. The lowest category does not mean ‘risk free’. Your investment does not benefit from any guarantee or protection. For un-hedged currency classes, exchange rate movements may affect the risk indicator where the currency of the underlying investments differs from the currency of the share class.
    • Important risks materially relevant to the Sub-Fund which are not adequately captured by the indicator:
    • Credit risk: represents the risks associated with an issuer’s sudden downgrading of its signature’s quality or its default.
    • Liquidity risk: in case of low trading volume on financial markets, any buy or sell trade on these markets may lead to important market variations/fluctuations that may impact your portfolio valuation.
    • Counterparty risk: represents the risk of default of a market participant to fulfil its contractual obligations vis-à-vis your portfolio.
    • Operational risk: this is the risk of default or error within the different service providers involved in managing and valuing your portfolio.
    • Emerging Markets risk : Some of the countries invested in may carry higher political, legal, economic and liquidity risks than investments in more developed countries.
    • Investors should also note that the Sub-Fund may perform differently or underperform relative to other comparable funds that do not integrate Sustainability Risks into their investment decisions.